30x40cm 5D DIY Aries Diamond Painting Resin Full Rhinestone Twelve Constellations Cross-stitch Kit


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5D DIY Aries Diamond Painting Twelve Constellations Cross-stitch Kits
Every one has his/her own star sign.

aries diamond painting

Aries Diamond Painting

Aries Diamond Painting

cross stitch

cross stitch
Diamond Painting cross stitch

diamond paiting garden

diamond painting
Size: 30x40cm / 11.81×15.75"
Cloth fabric: canva
Rhinestone material: resin
Glue: green oil-based glue
Pattern: Aries
Type: Twelve Constellations
Pasting area: partial

Package Include:
1 X Canva
1 X Tweezer or Pasting Pen (random)
1 X Tray
1 X Pack of Bag
Corresponding Rhinestones

The pictures on the website are effect pictures, not real size.
The diamond painting is not ready-made. You need to finish it by yourself.