4.5m 10mm Velcro Sticky Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape Fasten Stitch Cable Tie Wrap Cord Straps


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Velcro Sticky Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape Cable Tie Wrap Cord Straps

This is a safe alternative to nylon fiber cable ties, since it is made of a soft material so that cables can not be damaged.
Great for curtain, power tool, fixing car interior decorations and other parts such as luggage hood, car seat, polishing tool, and protective clothes, etc.
Velcro ties are the perfect solution to secure, which can be tightened and used again and again.

High adhesion
High and low temperature resistance
Can be cut into a wide variety of shapes and lengths

1. Material :Nylon
2. Color: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
3. Length: 4.5m
4. Width: 10mm

Package Included:
1 x Self Attaching Tape


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Color Black, Color Blue, Color Green, Color Red, Color White, Color Yellow