6cm Nylon Hair Oil Painting Brush Watercolor Artist PaintBrush Pen


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This Painting Brush is Excellent for Oil painting and Acrylic painting. It can meet the need of artist and allow for a wide range of techniques.

1. Material: Nylon
2. Hair Size: 4.6×6 cm
3. Color: Handle color: Black
4. Hair color: Brown

1. Surface rendering light yellow or reddish yellow, luster, look at every hair firmly stand upright.
2. The waist thick, slightly fine roots.
3. The tip of the Black gold paintbrush always stays firm, always ensuring precise strokes.

Caring for paintbrushes is essential to keeping them in good working condition and to their life span
Oil: dip the paintbrush in a solvent such as taltine. Clean in soapy water and rinse in warm water
Acrylic: clean in soapy water and rinse in warm water
Never let dry before cleaning
Using a hydrating paintbrush cleaner after using taltine or soap prevents bristles from drying and keeps the supple shape of the paintbrush

Package included:
1 x Paint Brush